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Virtual Dancer (2007)
This interactive dancing "game" was created in content production course with 2 other students. It features simple motion tracking and real-time computer graphics.

Kiiretta pitää (2007)
Final project of a 3D animation course in Helsinki University of Technology. I created the animated storyboard and the 3D models by myself in Blender. I also wrote the initial storyboard together with Jarkko Pyy and Kati Kallasjoki, who animated this short film.

Muscle Society (2005)
I created this flash game/story during a multimedia course in my university. I'm very happy with its graphics and witty dialogue! Thanks go to Henri Pihkala for composing the Muscle Society theme song.

Save the Couch Potato! (2001)
This is a high school project, done with Director (filesize around 2 megs).

Candy (2000)
A show off flash animation. Now featuring the evil laughter! (filesize ridiculously small)






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